A Handful of References Don't Tell the Full Story

A Handful of References Don't Tell the Full Story

Request a vendor and contractor screening in Belmar, NJ

Outsourcing specialty work to subcontractors in the Belmar, NJ area can save you time and money, but only if you hire qualified professionals. A seasoned private investigator can uncover any issue with any prospective vendor or contractor.

By choosing Targeted Investigations for PI services, you can…

  • Protect your company’s assets and reputation
  • Safeguard proprietary processes or information
  • Give your employees or investors peace of mind

Targeted Investigations is comprised of retired law enforcement personnel with decades of combined experience. As a New Jersey based private investigations company we have been utilized many times over the years for a variety of vendor and contractor screening services. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012 we saw an increase in calls specific to these services due to the increase in contractor fraud cases. Our vendor and contracting screening services will help ensure that your contractors are legitimate and properly licensed prior to you signing any agreements. Trust us to leave no stone unturned when conducting your vendor and contractor screening in the Belmar, NJ area.

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We'll alert you of any red flags

At Targeted Investigations, you’ll work with a dedicated private investigator to determine if your vendor or contractor has a history of…

  • Violating industry safety regulations
  • Committing violent or white-collar crimes
  • Cutting corners by using subpar materials

You’ll receive a detailed report of our findings so you can make informed hiring decisions. Contact us today to request a vendor and contractor screening.