Choose Our Private Investigators in New Jersey

Choose Our Private Investigators in New Jersey

Let us help you gather hard evidence for your case

Are you an attorney? Prepare for your case with help from Targeted Investigations Group. We have years of experience with the rules and regulations of the investigation process.

We can help you prepare for trial with:

  • Surveillance
  • Evidence analysis
  • Evidence gathering
  • Background checks
  • Private investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Forensic investigations
  • Financial investigations
  • Computer investigations

We also offer medical investigation services. Choose our private investigators in New Jersey to help you gather all the materials you need to make a strong case. Call 609-310-0200 today to schedule an appointment.

Experience matters when it comes to your investigation

Targeted Investigations Group has more than seven decades of hands-on investigative experience. No matter what your case entails, our private investigators will work hard to make sure you have an extensive list of materials to support your case.

Call Targeted Investigations Group at 609-310-0200 today to schedule a consultation.