Are You Searching for a Person of Interest?

Are You Searching for a Person of Interest?

Let our private investigator in the New Jersey area locate their whereabouts

Locating a person's whereabouts is easy with the help of a private investigator. Consult with Targeted Investigations to track your person of interest down. We utilize several databases that include credit reports, courthouse records, travel documents and more.

If you need PI services to locate your person of interest, call now for your free consultation.

Who benefits from our trace services?

Skip traces are designed to locate people who:

  • Owe child support or alimony
  • Are searching for their biological parents
  • Are missing persons
  • Owe bail or court money
  • Suffer from psychological challenges

You can have full confidence in the work done by our private investigator. The information we present to you is verified and 100% trustworthy.

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