The Private investigator’s time is spent conducting background and research for clients. Research is conducted for businesses to determine the background and reputation of a possible partner before entering into a financial relationship; when hiring new executives; or when investing time and money in a new venture. In civil litigation and criminal defense preparation, research can be conducted on persons involved in the litigation, or when a background investigation of difficult to find witnesses is necessary. Private investigators are called on to research and find hidden assets such as property, bank accounts, and investments. Targeted Investigations Services Group , maintains investigators that have many information-gathering methods available to them.

The Internet is one of the primary information-gathering tools a we use for developing information about persons and businesses through public records. Our Investigators know how to effectively search the Internet and have the experience and training to achieve the desired result. We utilize proprietary databases that have restrictions on who can use them and require a legally valid purpose for use of the data; there are also open-source databases available.

TIG experienced investigators will research criminal history, obtain interviews, complete on site hand record checks, check social network sites, use surveillance and proven investigative standards when required.

When needed, our investigators will conduct public records’ searches through federal, state, and local government entities. Most states have repositories for criminal records, particularly felonies, and charge a fee for a criminal history search.

Researching information takes time, patience and the knowledge to navigate through the numerous available resources efficiently. At TIG our investigators have the knowledge to effectively search the Internet and the experience and training to achieve the desired result. We conduct our research in an ethical, lawful, and thorough manner to safeguard our professionalism and our clients need for information.