You Deserve to Know the Truth

You Deserve to Know the Truth

Find accurate polygraph exams in Monmouth County & Across New Jersey

When you schedule a polygraph exam through Targeted Investigations, a certified examiner will ask a series of questions and evaluate the subject's physiological responses (blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity). By comparing the verbal and physiological responses to the questions, we can determine whether the subject lied or told the truth.

Targeted Investigations offers polygraph exams throughout the state of New Jersey. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Can lie detector exams solve your problem?

Most people are familiar with polygraph exams from television crime dramas. But these tests are useful in a number of situations. Polygraph exams can be used in:

  • Family disputes: Lay questions of infidelity, teenage dishonesty and family theft to rest.
  • Criminal cases: Find out whether a suspect is lying or telling the truth in your investigation.
  • Employee monitoring: Determine whether or not an employee has been embezzling.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your results are as accurate as possible. If you’re looking for a reliable lie detector test in New Jersey, call Targeted Investigations today.