Police Practices Experts for Attorneys & Private Citizens

Police Practices Experts for Attorneys & Private Citizens

Police investigators in New Jersey

Targeted Investigations Group has approximately over 100 years in law enforcement background. We know more than anyone that police are here to protect and serve citizens of New Jersey. However, sometimes situations are not handled appropriately.

If you are or your attorney feel that your encounter with law enforcement did not follow proper procedures then trust the experts at Targeted Investigations to review the case and assist you in courtroom setting.

Contact our New Jersey office today at 609-310-0200 to schedule a consultation!

We also provide services for all active law enforcement in New Jersey

Not only do we strive to protect civilians, Targeted Investigations will also take a stand to conduct investigations within the police department to protect its officers. Here are some ways that the police investigators at Targeted Inspections may be able to assist you:

  • Collecting evidence
  • A fresh, unbiased perspective
  • Locating witnesses to ensure the information is vetted

Our private investigators will assist active law enforcement in clearing their name or ensuring their discipline procedure was handled properly. To learn more about how our police investigators can help, call Targeted Investigations in New Jersey to schedule a consultation today.