Private Investigator GPS Tracking Service

Private Investigator GPS Tracking Service

Providing GPS tracking services throughout Monmouth County & New Jersey

The world that we live in today is a digital age. The growth in technology over the past two decades has made it so that now it is widely used across most of America. Did you know that almost 100% of Americans own some type of cell phone? Of that over 75% of those own a smart phone. Technology is all around us in everything that we do throughout our day to day.

The increase in technology has been a critical component in the growth of the private investigator industry. GPS tracking devices are critical to building cases because they are able to track:

  • Property
  • Assets
  • People
Targeted Investigations Group's GPS tracking systems provides real time location data on whatever it is you are tracking. All tracking devices are on a case by case basis to ensure that the purpose and use of such devices are within New Jersey state law. These systems will be indiscreetly installed by our private investigator to provide live location tracking.

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