Don't Let a Few Bad Apples Spoil Your Bunch

Don't Let a Few Bad Apples Spoil Your Bunch

We offer employee monitoring to businesses in Monmouth County, Middlesex County & Throughout New Jersey

Any large, successful business will see its share of dishonest employees. Keep yours to a minimum by implementing Targeted Investigations' employee monitoring services. We make use of a wide range of legal monitoring tools and practices to ensure your employees aren't acting against company policy.

Call today to set up an employee monitoring system at your New Jersey business.

Do you suspect fraud within your company?

If you suspect one or more of your employees of inappropriate behavior, call Targeted Investigations. We have the resources to confirm or refute your suspicions. Our employee monitoring services include:

  • Employee surveillance: Build a watertight case against an employee you suspect of fraud or embezzlement.
  • Employee walk-out services: Avoid a disruptive scene when you have to terminate an employee.
  • Pre-employment screening: Stop problems before they start by hiring trustworthy employees.

Targeted Investigations can make sure you have a solid paper trail before you take any action against an employee. Contact our New Jersey office today to arrange employee monitoring services for your company.