Concerned for Your Child's Well-Being?

Concerned for Your Child's Well-Being?

Schedule child custody investigative services in Monmouth County & Throughout New Jersey

When parents separate, the courts may decide who the most suitable caretaker is for the child or children. Targeted Investigations can work with you to build a case to bring before a family court judge in your New Jersey district. Our child custody investigation services can help you make sure your child is in the best hands.

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Is your child's home life safe?

Does your former partner owe you child support? Do you believe your current custody arrangement needs to be reevaluated? Targeted Investigations can investigate your child's living situation so you and the New Jersey family court system can determine where your child ought to be. Some of the things our trained private investigators look for are signs of:

  • Excessive drinking
  • Drug use
  • Criminal charges
  • A change in job status
  • Changes in the living situation

Make sure you know the details of your child's living situation. Call now to arrange for child custody investigative services.