We Put Your Past on Paper

We Put Your Past on Paper

Hire a private investigator in New Jersey to complete your background check

Whether you're applying for a job or renting an apartment, completing a background check is a mandatory step in the approval process. Prove your identity by getting a comprehensive background check from Targeted Investigations. Our private investigator will confidentially pull your information and provide you with a copy of the results for your records.

Consult with a private investigator operating in New Jersey for your background check.

What's covered under our background checks?

Our background checks include, but aren't limited to, your:

  • Criminal record
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Financial standing
  • Internet searches

You can count on our PI services to provide you with an accurate background check to present to your landlord or employer.

If you're in New Jersey or the surrounding area and need PI services, call now to schedule your appointment.