Do you suspect your former spouse is actually living with someone else while you’re paying alimony? We have previously investigated such complaints it had a ability to assist clients in reducing significant leader alimony costs and/or eliminating altogether. We have done that through gathering evidence to support petitions for such orders for reduction and or elimination.

Such investigations utilize surveillances of the subject to determine cohabitation and to determine the length and time of such cohabitation. This also includes determining if children are involved if they are being transported to school from such cohabitation location. Evidence that needs to be developed that a court would consider would be length of such cohabitation relationship, the amount of time they spent together, nature of activities observed and documented by photos, interrelation of your affairs or finances if possible, and where the subject spend holidays with children through surveillance.

Proving such information requires professional surveillance abilities that are experienced staff possesses. Our staff has the ability to capture a variety of circumstances and evidence in demonstrating whether a cohabitation exists. Contact us for any other questions you may have.