Surveillance From Targeted Investigations

Surveillance From Targeted Investigations

Private Investigator in New Jersey

Our surveillance capability is the discreet and covert observation of a subject. Our staff is comprised of former Law Enforcement surveillance experts! Whether you need surveillance for a marital infidelity issue, an employee workman’s compensation matter or an insurance claim, Our investigators conduct thousands of hours of surveillance each year and are equipped with the latest High Def digital cameras and covert vehicles. Our surveillance investigations has saved our clients millions of dollars of litigation exposure . The most valuable asset is our ability to think outside the box. Our creative surveillance practices exceed industry standards. In essence, our investigators can adapt to nearly any situation.

As stated previously , Our investigators employ a fleet of unique vehicles for surveillance which include cars, sport utility vehicles, motorcycles. We also have provider agreements with area helicopter services. Our abilities in surveillance has insured success on all cases that our others have not been able to match.

Geographic logistics such as homes, apartments as well as heavily secluded/wooded residences with fences, gates and professional security, our surveillance investigators are some of the best in the business and our success rate is not to be matched

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