Cell Phone Forensics & Computer Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics & Computer Forensics

From an Experienced New Jersey Private Investigator

Targeted Investigations Group has the ability and has conducted investigations involving computer forensics and cell phone forensics in New Jersey. Our analysis is utilized to locate information on computer hard drives and cell phone data. These types of investigation services are performed to determine who the true offender may be within a company, as well as for a business to determine whether intelligence is compromised or fraud has taken place within company systems.

Growing an ever present reliance on cell phones particularly smart phones iPhones and where otherwise has presented a new frontier for investigations and private investigators who had become trained in cell phone forensics and recovering deleted text messages, passed GPS locations, and any type of data that would prove needed by the client. Their various applications that can be utilized in determining what a smart phone has that benefits the client is also new software out here that allows unknown individuals to tap into your phone and monitor your activity.

The same software’s 11 to monitor your text messages and history on the web and your conversations we had the ability, check your phone and determine if in fact such access has occurred. To check your smart phone is best handled by the experts we employ such rates can be discussed at the time of your request with the professionals we have on staff. Get in touch with a trusted and reliable NJ private investigator today with Targeted Investigations Group.

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